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The ice manufacturer line to my ice box presently does not have any shutoff valve and I also’d want to include one but i cannot determine exactly what size the connector is

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we bought a 1/4 inches valve because the ice manufacturer connector we have actually says 1/4 FCM upon it however it didn’t fit. It appears a lot more like 1/8 inches, but a 1/8 inches valve does not fit either, though it is quite near. Where can I find information regarding water pipeline sizes, there has to be some standard?

The copper water line i will be linking it to gets the precise measurement that is same the refrigerator.


Okay I was thinking that looking the world-wide-web for 1/4″ OD Valve Male Female would get me personally the thing I require but middle eastern wife i will be getting no total outcomes therefore I’ve reopened issue! Can anybody offer me personally an internet backlink to a item that may fit? I have added an image regarding the present connection where let me include the valve. Many Many Many Thanks!

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You will find various criteria to pipelines and threads. Your problem is the fact that you are attempting to mix two various standards that are threaded.

The ball valve which you associated with has national pipeline threads (NPT). NPT are tapered also it is the fact that taper that produces the seal between a male and female joint. No washers are expected.

What exactly is shown in your photo is compression fixtures that have a right or operating thread. The seal is created by either a ferrule or perhaps a plastic washer.

The connection between the copper tube and the supply hose has been made as follows in your case

1/4″ Copper Tube > 1/4″ Compression by 1/4″ Compression Coupling > 1/4″ Supply Hose

The seal on the copper tube is manufactured with a ferrule that is found beneath the nut. Once the nut is tightened, the ferrule is compressed amongst the coupling therefore the pipe.

The seal on a rubber makes the supply hose side washer which can be often integral the the nut associated with the supply hose. (The compression coupling might have have two pea nuts, certainly one of that has been discarded while the supply hose has one integrated.)

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