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She will be out discovering herself as you stay home and run the family home.

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1) you aren’t compassionate sufficient 2) you’re judgmental 3) you’re controlling 4) insert normal individual reaction to abused/used/manipulated/etc that is being. and spin it in a light that is negative disordered will usually make use of your psychological reactivity with their provocation against you. It’s a catch 22, plus the solution that is only to leave the video game.

Well written Gab. Last two sentences will be the inescapable truth and should always be seared into our minds.

Appropriate. The“controlling was got by me” blameshift, from an asshole whom managed my entire life and took away my freedom of preference through lies and manipulation. You’re a homophobe to be annoyed that I cheated with a female.” is utter nonsense. We bet he’d hear the same bullshit from the counseller if they went to an RIC MC. He can potentially turn it around and phone her a heterophobe for the abusive method she’s treating him. She’s an individual and bitch, and I also state this while the mother that is proud of lesbian that has been out since age 13.

While you remain house and run your family house, she’ll be out discovering by herself. Likely she’s going to riding Pikes Peek and visiting the Grand Canyon. You might be simply a gadget that is useful. Security and a paycheck!

Then she isn’t gay, she’s bisexual and she did have a choice if you had a good sex life for 20 years. Continue reading →