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Numbers recommend increase in crimes associated with dating apps

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The amount of reported crimes where dating apps are mentioned has grown a lot more than sevenfold within the past couple of years.

That’s based on 30 authorities forces in England and Wales whom reacted to a Freedom of Information demand from the Press Association.

The reported crimes included rape, grooming and tried murder.

Fifty-five reports of crimes mentioned Grindr or Tinder in 2013, leaping to 412 when you look at the 12 months to October in 2015.

The figures may have increased nonetheless it stays an amount that is small to your numerous tens of thousands of dating software users.

There have been 29,265 rapes and 58,954 other offences that are sexual England and Wales in 2015, based on the workplace for National Statistics.

The numbers reveal there have been 135 crime reports for which Grindr had been mentioned year that is last up from 34 in 2013.

Tinder ended up being mentioned in 277 reports of crimes in 2015 – up from 21 in 2013.

In a declaration, Tinder told Newsbeat: “People with bad motives occur in coffee stores, bookstores, on social networking and apps that are social.

“Tinder is becoming one of many biggest social platforms in the field, in charge of 10 billion connections in only the previous few years, and so our company is maybe maybe not immune for this, even though it represents a miniscule portion of your experiences.”

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A Milwaukee Woman Reflects on our City’s Over-50 Online Dating Sites Scene

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Trying to find the seafood in a contemporary sea that is dating.

If you’re maybe not during my age bracket, I would ike to educate you. People regard this combined condition — advanced level age and the lack of a spousal unit — as though it had been some method of grievous social sin which is why penance should really be assigned. Continue reading →

You’re Screwed If You Wait Too very very very very Long to Take Plan B

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Well, 75 per cent screwed.

James Sullivan / Mosuno

The situation: Your buddy calls you in a panic. She along with her partner had a slip up: Things got heavy and hot, condoms are not when you look at the mix, and bae thought their pull-out game had been strong. (it had been maybe maybe not. ) With fear inside her heart and semen dripping down her leg, your buddy asks just exactly what she must do to ensure she actually isn’t expecting. She is told by you to get Arrange B, a crisis contraception she can get during the drugstore. You are told by her you are a genius. But she plainly is not since when you check into her two times later on, she’s gotn’t gotten the capsule yet.

“Don’t worry, ” she says. “we heard Arrange B works for love, five times. ” you are confident it must be used within three times, plus you cannot assist but wonder: does it not get less efficient with every moving hour?

How It Operates: Arrange B One Action, a.k.a. “the morning-after tablet, ” is a hormone medication called levonorgestrel, and it is perhaps one of the better known types of crisis contraception available.

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