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It’s a match (?): Tinder usage and attitudes toward interracial dating

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An ANCOVA was done with identified cultural similarity as the dependent variable, managing for respondents’ reported ethnicity (“Western”). Mauchly’s test revealed a violation associated with the presumption of sphericity when it comes to condition (Dutch) title χ2(2) = 0.96, p =.004, (ε = 0.98); quantities of freedom had been corrected utilizing the Huynh-Feldt estimate of sphericity in further analyses. Controlling for reported ethnicity (= Western European), the type associated with profile image plus the title notably predicted users’ sensed ethnic similarity F(1, 328) = 81.202, p 2 = .20 sufficient reason for a user by having A dutch name than a non-Dutch title F (1.94, 635.95) = 3.78, p 2 = .01.


Duplicated measures ANOVA had been performed to initially compare the effects associated with the pictured ethnicity and title of stimuli on all respondents’ dating intention. Mean evaluations for intention up to now, identified attractiveness and identified ethnic similarity for Western-Europeanand non-Western European distinguishing participants can be found in Tables 1 and 2 correspondingly.

Considering intention up to now being a dependent adjustable, Mauchly’s test revealed a breach of sphericity for the condition title П‡2(2) = 0.98, p = .02 (Оµ = 0.98); levels of freedom had been corrected utilising the Huynh-Feldt estimate of sphericity in further analyses. Continue reading →