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Safer intercourse. Exactly what are everyone’s specific safer intercourse techniques?

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Whenever all three of you talk: Whenever all three of you talk, it ought to be a discussion between three people. If there’s a preexisting few included, it is ok that they expect a third to follow if they talk about their boundaries without the third person present, but when everyone comes together it should feel like three people having a conversation, not like two people laying down rules. There also needs to be communication that is open every person, no one relaying just exactly what another might or may not wish on the part of each of those.

Besides the usual conversations about permission, pronouns, and figures, check out items to explore:

    Safer intercourse. What exactly are everyone’s specific safer intercourse methods? Which safer intercourse techniques are you utilizing? Does anybody have any latex or lube allergies? (Nitrile gloves and natural lube are great places to begin. ) Who’s bringing the obstacles and lube?

What kinds of sex and touch does everyone want or otherwise not have? Does anybody wish to accomplish particular things with someone although not with another? How about dental? How about strap-ons? Think about different sorts of penetration? In boy-girl-girl or boy-boy-girl threesomes the question of exactly what or whom goes where appears obvious (though it really isn’t actually), but in girl-girl-girl or queer-queer-queer threesomes any such thing may be any such thing and absolutely nothing are assumed.

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