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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Phone Me Personally For Several Days – What Does It Mean?

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The following is an email from the reader: we and my boyfriend have now been together for more than a 12 months. At first things had been going great and then he called me virtually every and wanted to see me as much as every day when possible day. We reside pretty far from one another, however it is within driving distance. Now, we’ve been dating on / off, and I believe if such a thing our company is similar to buddies now. Buddies with advantages? I’m not sure. But this is actually the deal;

He could be really busy together with his task, in which he additionally travels great deal for work. Recently he’s already been kinda unwell together with to visit the physician. But it’s nothing major.

I realize he also doesn’t like to talk on the phone that he is busy, and. He only calls me as he does not hear that he is not calling me, so he calls me just so I won’t say that he doesn’t call me from me for a long time, or when I specifically tell him.

Now, he could be perhaps perhaps not seeing someone else. I’m sure that without a doubt with me, and in fact out of the two of us I think I have been more into making new friends with guys and having lots of guy friends, etc. More so than he was as far as meeting women because he is always open.

He could be quite definitely of the true house friend so he is maybe not the sort to go clubbing. He would instead remain house and make a move at home then chase skirts, therefore I know he could be perhaps not cheating.

Him, he usually answers the phone right away even if he is in the middle of something at the moment when I call. When he is in the middle of something job-related, etc. Continue reading →