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The episode commences with Glenn and Angel discussing:

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the Yiddish term “schtupping”, their Lost Vegas hockey weekend, what future Angel is performing ( maybe not minimum of which can be “free-balling”) given that they truly are back Savannah, the way the Chiclana’s dogs got their names, fortune snacks plus the origins associated with the “Name of My Sex Tape” bit, Angel and Connor’s first jam session, as well as other folderol. Then we learn of: PK’s background, exactly how PK and GK came across, why her Facebook persona she created lost 50 % of its supporters, judging women’s views vs men’s, her masculine power, why she actually is the “bottom” on her behalf spouse, her globe travels, why it really is amazing that we now have any straight females left, her relationship history as a heterosexual” that is“trained her religious history and her time as a “Metho-Cath”, how she now defines her sexuality, the conventional Native reverence for “two spirits” tribe people, individuals who state they may not be interested in folks of various events, her very own homophobia as a new individual, whom tend to be masturbation addicts, what amount of times males should ejaculate month-to-month and just why, being “tight and right”, her past “hyper-sexuality”, her two heterosexual marriages, exactly exactly just how she met her spouse, her ideas on their regional Pride occasion, her typical passion for baseball with all the Coach, Glenn’s “Mt. Continue reading →