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All tangled up: Let’s get rid of “no strings attached” sex

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That’s in which the no-strings model fucks up.

Here’s a secret: i believe feminism is just a little at fault. For quite a long time,|time that is long} whilst still being today, feminists sorts are fighting to destigmatize our intimate choices. We work against cultural criteria that say our bodies — and particularly feminine, queer, trans, disabled, bad, as well as color bodies — are bad, that sex is dirty, and therefore those who have intercourse intercourse that is(especially queer sex ) are wicked, dirty skanks.

Feminist scholars like Gayle Rubin and Cathy Cohen have actually battled this notion by arguing against social hierarchies of “good” and “bad,” “moral” and “immoral” intercourse, and also by reclaiming types of intercourse which are marginalized. Continue reading →