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IDENTIFYING CHARACTERISTICS Street credibility. Hard to make plans with or otherwise pin straight down.

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Great at avoiding closeness and never ever exposing vulnerability. Utilizes material belongings and accomplishments that are notorious reputation. May typically wear gold and silver coins and/or have actually fascination with high fashion/expensive brands. May frequently be observed with wads of money, nice automobile, tattoos. May invest excessive quantities on costly products, such as for instance champagne and brand name alcohols. Gangsta/rough sex.


Protecting himself and their buddies – The Gangsta may be the dog that is top an explanation. Their energy and charm that is initial make him popular with you. But this violence will definitely seep into any intimate relationship.

Situational Management – there was a never ever a scenario the Gangsta cannot handle.

You are impressed in addition he is able to cope with change, make decisions while having those them out around him carry. Proficient at thinking on their legs.

Entrepreneurial Abilities – proficient at psychological maths, building systems, developing product/market fit, negotiating supply and need and maintaining critical information under wraps.

Interpersonal Skills – The Gangsta has the capacity to take care of the respect that is undying commitment, and commitment of these around him. Continue reading →