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questions regarding guy over the top that have been emailed to us within the years – and our responses!

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Whenever my guy’s at the top, the kissing is wonderful! Imagine the eroticism to be kissed while your guy has their cock buried deep inside you! Does it get any longer romantic than that?

Our favorite intercourse position is needless to say man at the top or missionary. Everyone loves viewing him as he is in ecstasy. But they can additionally up shift his body and employ it to press back at my clitoris, which could make me come. You’ll find nothing as effective as coming together! My favorite intercourse place is guy on the top. He shifts their body up from his pubic mound so I can keep my clit in contact with his body and feel the pressure on it.

I do believe oahu is the reality We can get a grip on the stress and control once I come that means it is so great. But we also prefer to be at the top watching him enter ecstasy as we ride him – this is certainly such a robust feeling, to give him such pleasure. I like guy at the top whenever we adjust it so my feet are over their arms. I enjoy experiencing compressed, I really like experiencing their fat on me personally as he fucks me personally – it provides me personally a delicious sense of being taken, being not able to resist his desires. Continue reading →