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We agree entirely with timsneezed. (i enjoy the “art college intercourse” thing.)

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Be simple, and do not decide to try so very hard. And employ euphemisms that demonstrate which you have actually the social abilities to be discreet.

Additionally, the web billionaire material is funny to individuals for the reason that milieu, but individuals outside of it will require you really and believe you may be a douche. Specially cool, hipster-ish individuals, who work with a various industry or result from another an element of the globe. Quite simply, not everybody (including awesome individuals you would like to satisfy) can get it.

And, like timsneezed said, leave down “homoerotic”. It is drilled into (no pun meant) girls’ minds that “bi-sexual” is code for “gay”. Placing this in your profile shall make individuals think you might be gay, posing as bi. It could maybe not seem sensible, nonetheless it will are better in the event that you take this down.

One thing that is final. I cannot get any feeling of you as an individual from your own profile.

You will be making post-ironic jokes about every thing, but. just what can you worry about? Just exactly What can you love? What exactly are you doing? The very best component you wished were your cool uncle” for me was about the “people. Continue reading →